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COVID-19 Community Resources

Being a community means supporting one another, in good times as well as challenging ones. This moment is a reminder that we depend on each other as a community, and when our community is strong we all are stronger.

This page is a summary of resources that are available right now in Ward 4 and across DC to help every member of our community in this time of need. If you need help connecting with resources right now, feel free to call the campaign at 202-644-8437. 

Last updated March 25, 2020

DC-wide information

The most up-to-date and comprehensive source of information about DC-wide resources is

Help with food and groceries

DC meal sites for students and seniors, including a map of all food distribution sites, that is updated daily:

DC Mutual Aid Network

A grassroots, community-led effort to care of each other as an act of solidarity and an opportunity to connect political education with political action. Call the Mutual Aid Network for assistance with grocery shopping and deliveries, delivery of hygiene products, emotional support/just to chat, or other urgent needs.

Mutual Aid hotlines are available in every Ward:

  • Ward 4: (202) 681-3098
  • Ward 1: (202) 681-9183
  • Ward 2: (202) 688-5812
  • Ward 5: (202) 643-7030
  • Ward 6: (202) 683-9962
  • Wards 7 & 8: (202) 630-0336

Fill out the Ward 4 Mutual Aid general volunteer form, sign up to be a dispatcher, or sign up to be a runner. You can also see a list of volunteers who are available to help in Ward 4.

Free groceries, meals and soup kitchens

Know your rights

Workplace and economic rights from DC Jobs with Justice
  • If you take off work because of COVID you have a right to keep your job.
  • If you use Alliance and Immigrant Children’s Insurance, TANF, Medicaid, or SNAP, you DO NOT NEED TO RENEW these programs for 60 days after the emergency ends.
  • Your landlord cannot evict you during the state of emergency or charge late fees on your rent.
  • Electric, gas, and water utilities are not allowed to be cut off until 15 days after the emergency ends.

Learn about your rights as a consumer from the DC Office of the Attorney General

Legal Aid DC: Non-legal Resource Guide

Applying for unemployment insurance

Financial support

Updates from DC Public Schools

Domestic violence resources

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