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Janeese Lewis George campaign hires Michelle Whittaker as Campaign Manager

The Campaign to Elect Janeese Lewis George has hired Michelle Whittaker, a veteran organizer, strategist, and campaign leader, to fill the role of Campaign Manager. Whittaker will join the George campaign as the first hire and first full-time staffer.

Whittaker has more than 15 years of experience in campaign and communications strategy. She has served most recently as the Communications Manager for Manna Food Center and Statewide Coordinator for Ranked Choice Voting Maryland. Whittaker has an extensive background in electoral reform as the former Communications/Digital Media Director at Democracy Initiative and previous Director of Communications at FairVote. In 2018 she ran Brandy Brooks’ campaign for an At-Large County Council seat in Montgomery County, MD. She is currently the campaign manager for Rockville Councilmember Virginia Olney’s campaign for Rockville mayor.

“Michelle has run incredibly inspiring campaigns for progressive Democratic women in the region, and I am beyond excited to welcome her as our campaign manager,” says George. “She understands the shift that is happening in so many communities right now, where changing the way we fund campaigns is motivating new voters to get to the polls in new ways. Between her strategic expertise, her skills in grassroots mobilization, and her calm focus, I can’t wait to get started together.”

“Janeese is approaching the role of DC Councilmember the way so many of us wish our elected leaders would,” says Whittaker. “She sees that big money has too much influence on our leaders right now, and she sees that working families are being left behind in a changing city. It is a lived experience for many, including my family, and I know that Ward 4 is ready for change. I’m incredibly excited to join this campaign.”

The Campaign to Elect Janeese Lewis George set a new citywide record in August by qualifying for DC’s Fair Elections Program in less than three days and in its first month the campaign raised more than $100,000 in donations and matching funds. The campaign is now powered by a team of nearly 200 volunteers who are connecting with voters in every part of Ward 4 on the issues they care about most.

Janeese Lewis George is former DC Assistant Attorney general, a member of the DC State Democratic Committee, and a candidate for Ward 4 Councilmember. Her campaign aims to give Ward 4 a strong, independent voice on the DC Council who will fight for accountability, affordability, and equity. Learn more at

I'm Janeese Lewis George and I'm running for DC Council Ward 4