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Campaign raised $56,480 from 272 contributions in the latest filing period

Democratic DC Council candidate Janeese Lewis George announced today that her campaign for the Ward 4 seat on Council has now received a total of 1,020 donations, generating more than $222,485 in total campaign funding, including anticipated matching funds from DC’s Fair Elections program.

The campaign had 272 donations in the most recent reporting period (December 11, 2019-January 31, 2020), with 101 donations coming in the final two days of the period alone. Campaign supporters gave a total of $10,129, during the period. Of that, $9,270 was from DC residents, making donations this period worth $56,480 with anticipated matching funds. January was the highest-grossing month for the campaign since its launch in August.

“Our momentum this period makes it clear that Ward 4 voters are ready for change,” said George. “I’m running against an incumbent who is taking developer and corporate money and he may have more $500 checks coming outside of the Ward and city, but I have the support of an emerging movement of everyday people who are tired of the status quo and who are dedicated to making DC work for everyone. Our numbers this period show just how strong that movement is.”

Of the campaign’s dollars raised this period, 59% has come from within Ward 4 and 99% has come from within Washington DC.

“The campaign has a growing staff, a historic level of grassroots engagement, and is bringing in the resources necessary to win,” said Zach Teutsch, campaign chair. “You’ll notice that the overwhelming majority of our support comes from within DC and most of it from within Ward 4. That’s because Janeese’s focus is on the people of Ward 4, our needs, and putting us first. A finance report indicates where a candidate spends their time and attention—for Janeese, that’s in Ward 4.”

The campaign set other internal records in January as well. January 25 and 26 was the campaign’s largest weekend in the field: more than 60 volunteers knocked on the doors of over 5,500 Ward 4 voters that weekend. The campaign has collected more than 1,000 signatures for ballot petitions—four times as many as are required by DC Board of Elections. In addition, the campaign added three new paid staff members in January: a Field Director and two Field Organizers now join the Campaign Manager to support the campaign’s operation.

Janeese is the first Ward 4 candidate to participate in DC’s Fair Elections program, which prohibits participants from taking money from PACs or corporations and limits all donations to a maximum of $50. Janeese chose to participate in this program because DC Councilmember should work for the people of the District of Columbia, not corporations, special interests, and well-connected insiders.

Janeese Lewis George is former DC Assistant Attorney general, a DC State Democratic Committeewoman, a third-generation Washingtonian and a lifelong Democrat and Ward 4 resident who is seeking to represent Ward 4 on DC Council. She is running so Ward 4 will finally have a Councilmember who will work hard to make housing more affordable, communities safer, our schools stronger, our economy more inclusive, and our elected leaders more accountable. She has been endorsed by DC Black Lives Matter, DC Working Families Party, Metro DC DSA, Jews United for Justice Campaign Fund, and DC for Democracy.

I'm Janeese Lewis George and I'm running for DC Council Ward 4