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Janeese Lewis George makes DC history as first Fair Elections candidate to exceed the matching funds maximum

Janeese Lewis George, candidate for the Ward 4 seat on DC Council, showed in her March 10 fundraising report that her campaign has now raised a total of $337,677 since its launch in August. This total includes $48,290.68 in donations from 1,184 DC residents. Those contributions qualify for a 5-to-1 match from DC’s Fair Elections program.

With the filing, George’s campaign became the first in DC history to reach the Fair Elections match maximum for a race. The maximum is currently $241,055 for a ward-level Council race.

“Voters in Ward 4 are absolutely ready for change,” said George. “The fact that so many working families have contributed to the campaign underscores the fact that residents want a Councilmember who works for them and that they’re tired of a Councilmember who votes against families, against housing affordability, and against the safety of our communities. I’m proud to have earned the support of every single one of these DC voters.”

“With less than 80 days to go until Primary Day we’re now in new territory in terms of fundraising,” said Zach Teutsch, campaign chair. “We’re still up against an incumbent who’s cultivating big checks from corporations and wealthy insiders. The Fair Elections system has allowed us to stay competitive while remaining focused on working families. And Janeese has something all the lobbyist dollars in town can’t buy: an incredible grassroots movement of neighbors and community advocates working alongside us. This movement has what it takes to win on June 2.”

In 2014, Brianne Nadeau ran against a powerful, well-funded, popular, and long-standing incumbent. At this point in the race against Graham, Nadeau had raised $146,673.88. Janeese has raised more than double that amount so far.

Janeese Lewis George is former DC Assistant Attorney general, a DC State Democratic Committeewoman, a third-generation Washingtonian and a lifelong Democrat and Ward 4 resident who is seeking to represent Ward 4 on DC Council. She is running to give Ward 4 a Councilmember who will work hard to make housing more affordable, communities safer, our schools stronger, our economy more inclusive, and our elected leaders more accountable. She has been endorsed by DC Black Lives Matter, DC Working Families Party, Metro DC DSA, Jews United for Justice Campaign Fund, DC for Democracy, 350 DC, Broads Save America, the Washington Teachers’ Union, and the DC chapter of the National Organization for Women.


I'm Janeese Lewis George and I'm running for DC Council Ward 4