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Janeese Lewis George Speaks Out Against Pay-to-Play Politics

“Janeese Lewis George, a candidate challenging Todd in the next year’s Democratic primary, used Todd’s vote for the no-bid contract and the subsequent fundraiser with Bailey to portray her opponent as a proponent of “pay-to-play politics in the city.”

In a brief interview, Todd said her contention was “not factual” but declined to say more, adding that he didn’t want to get into “a back-and-forth in the paper.”

A campaign flier shows that Bailey was among the hosts for a July 25 fundraiser, and Bailey was photographed at the event. Shown the flier, Todd said Bailey hosted the event “with 30 other people” and declined to answer further questions. Bailey also gave $1,000 to Todd’s constituent services fund in 2017 and 2018, campaign records show.

Lawmakers who voted against the lottery and sports gambling contract said the latest revelations reaffirmed their opposition.

“The slow trickle of new information regarding the vendor and subcontractors — and the lobbyists and champions of the contract — clearly demonstrates that the contract should have been competitively bid and the final contract more closely scrutinized,” council member David Grosso (I-At Large) said in a statement. “Instead, the Council, under the leadership of Chairman Mendelson, rushed to approve a dubious agreement that is unlikely to realize the benefits it promised.”

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