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Victory in the Democratic primary for DC Council in Ward 4


With all DC voting centers now reporting results, Janeese Lewis George has received a decisive majority of the vote: 7,926 (54.14%) versus 6,386 (43.62%) for Brandon Todd.

“This is a people-powered movement and I will always put people first,” George said. “Our campaign has a broad coalition, reflective of Ward 4. Ward 4 neighbors and grassroots organizations came together and when we work together, we win. This is a victory for racial, environmental, social, and economic justice. Together we can make DC a more just and equitable place.

“I am deeply appreciative of all the organizations, leaders, and volunteers who joined me in this fight. I am honored by the faith they put in me and humbled by the outpouring of support from the voters of Ward 4.”

We have not received guidance about what is included in the Board of Elections’ count. We expect it includes all in-person standard ballots and absentee ballots received by June 2nd but does not include special ballots. It also does not include by-mail ballots that have yet to be received by BOE. We anticipate this lead will stay stable or grow slightly as the remaining data arrives.


I'm Janeese Lewis George and I'm running for DC Council Ward 4