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With 50% of Ward 4’s votes tabulated, Janeese Lewis George has won an overwhelming majority in the race for Ward 4 Councilmember, receiving 91% of the votes. In response, George released the following statement:

“This is a people-powered movement and when we work together, we win. I ran to give Ward 4 a Councilmember who will put people first. Our community should be a place where everyone can be safe and prosper — and DC Council needs to do more to make that possible.

I am humbled to have earned the trust of Ward 4 voters today and I will do everything possible to continue to deserve that trust as their Councilmember every day for the next four years.”

The campaign’s understanding as of 12:00am on Wednesday, November 4, is that the current count includes all in-person votes and approximately a third of the votes cast via mail (USPS and drop box). DC Board of Election’s current count does not include special ballots (called “provisional ballots” in other jurisdictions) nor does it include mail received after October 29, 2020. It also does not include by-mail ballots that have yet to be received by BOE and does not appear to include all mail ballots received prior to October 29, 2020. The campaign anticipates this lead will remain stable as remaining data arrives and believe that every vote should be counted and double-checked since the integrity of the voting process is essential to democracy.


I'm Janeese Lewis George and I'm running for DC Council Ward 4