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Ward 4 Deserves a Councilmember Who Puts People First

Over the course of the last year, one of the most common questions I’ve gotten is, “What are the differences between you and our current councilmember?” Here are a few of the important differences.

On healthcare, Councilmember Todd voted against Paid Family Leave. This one was personal to me and it isn’t the only way he has voted to reduce access to healthcare. Policy decisions like this are matters of life and death and we see that now more than ever.

In a city with a housing affordability crisis, Councilmember Todd has sided time and again with real estate developers over the needs of residents. We need to be investing in truly affordable housing, not accelerating displacement.

When it comes to jobs and wages, Councilmember Todd voted to overturn Initiative 77 and against a bill to create fair scheduling standards. Tipped workers deserve a fair minimum wage, and I’m proud to be endorsed by 8 unions including those representing frontline workers.

This week Ward 4 experienced our 20th shooting in just the past 3 months. As a prosecutor with professional experience in addressing community violence, I am committed to using a proven, public health approach to reducing crime and gun violence.

As Ward 4’s first-ever Fair Elections candidate I’m committed to transparent and accountable leadership.

And as Ward 4’s first-ever Fair Elections candidate I’m refusing contributions from special interests and PACs. That means as Councilmember I’ll be able to put people first.

I'm Janeese Lewis George and I'm running for DC Council Ward 4